eTwinning marathon 2010

It’s 3 o’clock we are meeting our teachers in Smartboard classroom. First thing to do is to draw an animal, which sent us ZŠ a MŠ Dobré Pohody Doudleby. It isn’t hard to draw it, we using a smartboard, but the language which is about animal written isn’t so easy for us – it is in Polish. The most of things we try to gues

s, but little help is needed from our friend Google translator. When the animal was drawn we started video conference with our new friends from Slovakia. We will do with them eTwinning project whole school year. So we were asking them questions and they were asking us. We had fun and after the conference we had yummy yellow and blue cakes. Then we went to the gym to play dodgeball – yellow team against blue team. The blue team won, we wanted to play more games. So went to our class and played funny, coopeartions games with Vlastik. Our teachers started to do presentation for eTwinning marathon blog. At six o’clock we had to go home. It was nice spent afternoon. We are looking forward for next year marathon!

 Etwinning marathon 2010

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