Why just international magazine ?

The international magazine is about important events in life of the first term of school year 2010/11. The partners of this one are free basic schools: primary school Hrochův Týnec – the Czech republic / , primary school in Bošany – the Slovak republic / / and primary and grammmar school in Lodž – Poland / /. The magazine consists of the articles in Polish, Czech, Slovak and English. The autors of project suppose, that children can understand the sense of articles written by Slavonian languages well and they can improve their knowledge by using English. We hope, that magazine can be used in lessons of languages and the other subjects, like Civics, History, Geography in our schools. Children recognize culture of their neighbours and their homelands too. The most of articles was made by children themselves. Magazine was made in eTwinning programme.  

/Miroslava Filipi, ZŠ Hrochův Týnec/