Quiz about our schools





1. What is a school club in our school?

 We don´t know.

2. What activities can pupils do there?

 Chess,computers, playstation,sports,fungames.

3. Can you participate in some competition there?

 We don´t know.

4. Was in our school a „Devil´s day“?


5. What did pupils make in this day?

 They made little devils.

6. Did children like this „Devil´s day“?

 Yes. They liked it.

7. Is there a playground near our school?


8. What colour is a floor of our gym?


9. What colour is our school?


10. Do we play table tennis in our school?

 No, only table hockey.

11. What is competition „Hrošiáda“?

 It´s athletic competition.

12. When does Hrošiáda take place?


13. Who was the fastest boy at cycling?

 Michal Dvořák

14. Who was the moderator of Hrošiáda?

Svitáková Zuzka , Daniel Táborský

15. Who is the main saint patron of the Czech?

 Wenceslav (Václav)

15. When was the Czechoslovak republic founded?


16. Who was the first president of Czechoslovakia?

 Tomáš G. Masaryk

17. Why we celebrate this date 6. 7. ?

The day when Jan Hus was burnt.

18. Where was the action „Halloween taken place?

 At school and in the garden.

19. When the „Christmas trade“ was taken place?

 9.12 (15:00) in the building A

20. What did pupils write into baloons during Christmas trade?

Their wisches to Jesus.

21. What could visitors eat in a school dinning room during Christmas trade?

 Sweets,coffee cocoa

22. What is the name of etwinning animal from the etwinning maraton?