quiz WHO is WHO?



Roman: He is tall. He is boy. Ha has got green sweatshirt grey T-shirt and jeans. His hair is blond. He has got blue eyes. He likes PC games and tennis.
Adam: he likes PC games and football. He has got blue eyes, blond hair. He is good friend. He has got two dogs. He is tall. He plays football.



Adam1: He has got blond short hair. He has got blue eyes. He is tall.Hi is slim. He wears a black swatshirt. He woears blue jeans. He likes floorball.



Vojtěch: My name is Vojtěch. I am 12 years old. I am high. I have brown eyes. My hobbies are: riding a bike, playing soccer, floorball. I have stripped T-shirt and blue jeans. I am the only in my photo.



Katka: She is a girl. She has red jumper, dark red and light red T-shirt. She has a brown-green eyes. She is wearing dark black jeans. She has white socks and a white - grey slippers. Sha has two sisters and she hasn´t got brothers. She likes animals. Her favourite colour is red. She doesn´t like snakes and sharks. She has little pigtails. Katka has a dog and a cat. She loves her sisters.
Ivana: She is a girl. She has long hair. Her name is Ivana. she has blue T-shirt and blue jeans skirt and tights are stripped. She has three sisters and two brothers. She has brown eyes. She has a watch on her left hand. She likes animals a lot. Her favourite colour is blue. She hasn´t got any earrings. She doesn´t like crocodiles and sharks. She likes her sisters and brothers. She has a dog, hens, rabbits, goats, budgie and mice. She doesn´t celebrate Christmas.



Víťa: He is a small boy with blond short hair and blue eyes. He is sitting on the chair. He is wearing grey-red-black sweater. He likes to work in PC.
Filip: He is Víťa´s friend. He is small too. He has brown eyes and short brown hair too. His sweater is grey-red too.



Zuzka : She has got short, dark hair and brown eyes. She has got small mouth. She has got light skin. Her favourite animals is dog and mouse. She has got likes animals. Zuzka likes lemonade and fish and chips and chicken salad. Zuzka is long . Zuzka hes got small nose. Her favourite color is purple and ping and light green.
Víťa : She has got long ,dark hair and blue eyes. She has got white and purple T-shirt. Víťa is small. Víťa likes lemonade and chicken salad. She has got light skin. She has got small head. Her favourite animals is dog and hamster. Víťa has got small ears. Her favourite color is light blue and light green.



Andrejka: This is my friend Andrejka. She has dark brown long hair. She has black sweater. Andrejka has brown eyes. She blue jeans. She has red shoes. She is high. She has a white T-shirt. She has small earrings. She has a red braceled.
Míša: My friend is named Míša. My friend looks like: she has brown long hair, she has brown eyes, my friend likes dancing, playing sport: football. She wearing now: she has braceled with heart. She has got violet sweater.



Kristina: Kristína is girl. She has brown hair. She has brown eyes. She has short hair.  She has red sweatshirt and blue jeans. She love play the piano and reading a book. She is high. She has got likes animals. Her favourite animals is parrot and dog. Her favourite color red.  



Marian:He has dark brown hair. He has green eyes. He is boy. He is wearing black shirt , blue jeans , black soch, black shoes and black T - shirt. He is short. He do not likes English. He likes rice. He is slim. He very likes sweets. He do not likes floorball and football. He do not likes Czech.
Martin: He is boy.He has blue eyes.He is wearing dark gray shirt,blue jeans,gray T- shirt.He has brown hair.He do not likes school.He likes chips.He do not likes onion.He is small.He do not likes ping pong.



Lukáš: He has short black hair and brown eyes. He is 165 cm tall. He likes spaghetti, steak and pizza. He has blue T- shirt with yellow title. He has orange and grey trousers.
Ondra: He has brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. He is 168 cm tall. He likes pizza, steak and corn. He has red T- shirt, red and black sweatshirt and black jeans.



Markéta: My friend is girl. Her weight is 158 cm. She is 12 years old. She has got brown long hair, big blue eyes. She wear violet T-shirt and jeans. She likes dance. She likes pizza. Favourite colour is blue. Favourite drink is coffee.
Eva:My friend is girl. Her weight is 160 cm. She is 13 years old. She has got long brown hair, brown eyes. She wear white T-shirt and black trousers. She likes football. She likes pasta with cheese sauce. Favourite drink is kakao. Favourite colour is blue.



Terka 1. My friend is girl. 2. She has brown hair and brown eyes , shart hair.
3. She has a striped sweathirt. 4. She has ble jeans , red T-shirt. 5. Her hair is curly.6. She likes horses.
Evca: 1)Evca has blue eyes. 2)Her hair is brown and blond. 3)She has a blue a white T-shirt,black trousers. 4)She has long hair. 5)Evča is bigger then me. 6)She likes dogs and cats,tigers.
7)She likes chocolate Milka.  



Lenďa: She is girl and my friend. She is blue and green eyes, blond and long hair and she is bigger than me. She is slim and nice. She goes with me to the dancing studio.She is wearing pink sweather, black T-shirt and blue jeans. She likes playing football.
Péťa: She is my friend and she is girl. She has blue eyes, blond and long hair. She is small and she goes with me to the dancing studio. She is wearing blue jeans, blue T-shirt and purple sweather. She is slim and she likes to play the piano.